We are sold out of bulbs for shipping for 2021.  We WILL be selling bulbs at the Philadelphia Flower Show.  Thank You!


We have one flower show scheduled for 2021.  All other shows have been cancelled due to Covid

Philadelphia Flower Show: June 5-13, Located outside in FDR Park in South Philadelphia

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About Lily Bulbs

The lily bulbs you receive in the spring will bloom in their first summer; they have gone through their cooling cycle and are ready to go! Lilies are one of the oldest and most spectacular flowers on earth. They exhibit brilliant colors, are graceful, yet hardy. Lilies can be grown in your garden anywhere in the U.S., are easy to grow and require no special care.

Each bulb will produce one stem, and three to seven flowers in the first year. They are a perennial and will return year after year (Do not dig them up in the fall). As the bulb ages it will grow bigger and eventually split into two; two stems will appear where there used to be one. They will grow to a height of about four feet (except Stargazers, three feet).

The Asiatics will bloom mid May into early July (for about six weeks), while the Orientals will bloom in July and into August (for about six weeks); these dates will vary depending on where you live and where you plant the bulbs. If you live in the Deep South, and plant them in a sunny location, they will bloom about four weeks sooner.

If you plant a combination of Asiatic and Oriental bulbs, you will have lily blossoms in your garden for about eight weeks.

The Asiatics have little or no scent and four- to six-inch blooms, while the Orientals will fill your garden with a heavenly fragrance and have five- to ten-inch blooms. These magnificent flowers will definitely become the focal point of your garden.

Please see “Planting and Storage Instructions” for more information.

Also see “Lily Leaf Beetle” for more important information.